Seniors Helping Seniors

  Seniors Helping Seniors was created by seniors in our community to help the horses in sanctuary.  Brook Hill’s sanctuary horses have health issues that make them unavailable for adoption.  The program was created in order to support, socialize, and enhance the life of the sanctuary horses.  In return the horses allow the seniors to socialize and meet the physical tests of growing older as well as share their horse experiences with the rest of us!

The Seniors Helping Seniors Program

The seniors begin their session socializing, having coffee/tea and sharing experiences with horses, forming new friendships with peers who also love horses.  Each week the group chooses a topic, and the Brook Hill Farm staff lead a discussion.  The participants share stories of their equestrian experiences in days gone by, and learn things about horses that they never knew.

The second part of the session the seniors interact with the horses.  Many choose to groom, lead, and do groundwork with their senior horse partners.

Others, when appropriate, have the opportunity to ride the Rockin’ Rider horses.  They work with a Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor that is able to meet their needs.  They can choose to use a mounting ramp, and have leaders and side-walkers to help them if needed.  The horses are safe and well-trained for adaptive riding, so they are perfect for seniors!

We send out a monthly email about the program to the participants so they can keep in touch and prepare for the program. 

If you would like more information about this program or any of the other Equine Assisted Services we offer please email us at