Volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization.
Brook Hill Farm can not be successful without them, and the farm is always looking to grow the family!     

Anyone interested in volunteering must attend a farm orientation and complete the necessary application.  An applicant is screened to determine an appropriate placement. Then you will be scheduled for specific days and times to come and help.  Our volunteers do not ride, but aid the farm with basic horse care, work with our program participants, assist in farm maintenance, office work, and more.  They are all offered equine education and will gain a wealth of fulfilling experiences and knowledge.

Our volunteers have various levels of experience.  You must be at least 16 years of age to volunteer.  Many of the volunteers have never been near a horse!  These individuals learn basic horse skills and horse knowledge while aiding the farm with its rehabilitation mission.  Some work with the youth in Brook Hill’s various programs.

Others help with farm maintenance, office work, photography, etc.  Bring your talents, and we will put them to use!  We have a place for everyone with every kind of skill and interest!  Above is Alex, in charge of our carrot garden.

These volunteers are from Genworth.  They come every year and help us paint the fence, a never-ending job because there is over 60 acres of fence!  Brook Hill Farm can always use your help!

Brook Hill Farm owes a deep debt of gratitude to these two men – they have helped with renovations around the farm.  One of the funniest projects was leveling the office floor in our 110 year old building!

This volunteer is amazing in so many ways – especially at composting all of our manure!

The Brook Hill Farm buildings would never have been built or repaired, if it weren’t for these special men from the Quaker Memorial Presbyterian Church.


The farm always needs more volunteers to work as horse leaders, side-walkers, and spotters for our Rockin’ Riders program.

Skilled volunteers work directly with the horses.  They help to prepare horses for their rehabilitation programs.  Grooming, bathing and ground work are some of the ways the volunteers assist the staff.  Many of the horses need to be hand walked up hills and over poles for strengthening and training purposes.  Volunteers learn how to identify and treat horses in the program under the guidance of our rehab team.  There is always something new to learn!

We depend on our dedicated volunteers to help the farm with fundraising events.  Just look at all the community support at one of our open houses – Brook Hill Farm is a community family, and the volunteers are the reason!

We thank each and every volunteer for helping Brook Hill Farm! 
The horses and youth appreciate your support!

If you are interested in joining  the Brook Hill Family please email secretary@brookhillfarm.org!

Brook Hill Farm's Volunteer of the Year

This award began in 2014 in order to honor the volunteer that has gone above and beyond to aid with the mission of “Helping Horses, Helping People”.

Fran - 2018 Volunteer of the Year

Nikki - 2017 Volunteer of the Year

Ed - 2016 Volunteer of the Year

Roger - 2015 Volunteer of the Year

Ernie - 2014 Volunteer of the Year

Thank you to all of the volunteers for making our lives better!