Gaits 4 Change was developed to serve youth in transition, those in social service programs, or those who are not eligible for the Rockin’ Riders program, but are not yet ready for the United Neigh program.  This small group has up to six participants and meets once a week to take part in Equine-Assisted Learning in Personal Development, horsemanship, and riding skills.  Funding may be available through FAPT when appropriate.

Gaits 4 Change teaches the participants to develop and cultivate greater independence, social skills, self-confidence, and communication skills with the help of rescue horses. The program teaches the participants conflict resolution, civic engagement, critical thinking and develops self awareness, empathy, respect, and relationship building.  Most of all, it provides stability and consistency in their turbulent, ever changing life.  Youth on the autism spectrum also excel in this program based on its routine and predictability.  This program was designed by a special education teacher and a counselor in order to meet these unique needs.

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