Youth in Transition

Gaits 4 Change was developed to serve youth in transition, children with autism, those in social service programs, or those who are not eligible for the Rockin’ Riders program but are not yet ready for the United Neigh program.  This small group has up to six participants and meets once a week to take part in Equine-Assisted Learning in Personal Development, horsemanship, and riding skills.  

Participants in this program are given a project horse to call their own.  They learn basic horse care, including grooming and feeding.

Riders work on personal development skills helping them gain confidence and self-esteem, create a sense of mastery and self-efficacy, and a development of empathy through their sessions at the farm with credentialed professionals.

They work with their horse on the ground learning basic horsemanship, developing confidence and leadership skills.

They also learn to ride!  Being successful with a giant animal gives them confidence and a sense of mastery, that then can be transferred to their everyday lives.


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