Ready to Welcome a Rescue Horse into your Life?

Once a horse has completed his rehabilitation and is released by a Brook Hill Veterinarian, they are ready to be placed into a loving home or are able to work in our programs. Brook Hill Farm makes a commitment to every single horse that enters the rescue, that he or she will receive the love and care they deserve for the rest of their lives.  Once an adopter has been paired with a horse, a placement agreement must be signed with the farm about the adopter’s responsibilities.   An adopted horse may not be bought, sold, traded, bred, raced or given away.  There are NO adoption fees for the horses, but it is required that if you no longer want the horse you must return the horse to Brook Hill Farm at your own expense, and pay a $500 restocking fee, so we can ensure proper care for the horse when he is returned to the farm.  This fee is always waived for financial hardship situations.

Brook Hill Farm does not advertise the horses for adoption; instead we ask that you begin by filling out an Adoption Application so we can be sure to match you with the right horse when it becomes available. Next you will need to make a farm visit, so we can properly match you to the horse that will meet your needs.

We require references, as well as some personal information about the applicant. Once the application form has been received, a Brook Hill Farm representative will be in touch with you. Upon approval of the adoption application, we will look for a horse that best suits your needs, based on the information you have provided.  Please be patient, we have found over 500 horses forever homes!

Brook Hill works hard to place the right horse with you!

Please feel free to contact with any questions you might have about finding a horse that will meet your needs. If you think you are ready to adopt a horse, fill out the application form, and send to us via email to: