Memorial Scholarship Opportunities

 More than 85% of our youth in our programs are from families who live below the poverty line.
We never turn away a participant because they cannot pay.
Please consider donating to a scholarship fund so we can cover the costs of all our participants!

Amy Saulter Fund

For all her life, Amy Saulter was a horse woman and animal lover.  From her first pony ride, through summer camps, riding lessons, and fox hunting, she always found a way to keep horses in her life.  Like some United Neigh participants, Amy had a learning disability.  Although this made academic life more difficult, horses always gave her a center and a focus.  Amy’s life was tragically cut short by an unexplained, sudden medical crisis.  To honor her memory, her parents Connie and Carey established a scholarship in her name with Brook Hill Farm.  “We were looking for an organization involved in horse rescue to offer as an alternative for family and friends in lieu of flower donations when our daughter, Amy, died,” Connie said in a letter. Amy was, and is, beloved by all who were touched by her life, and her memory continues touching lives today.    Begun in 2011 , her memory lives on in so many youth, and we invite anyone to contribute to this scholarship fund allowing others to find meaning and healing in their lives.

Ed Wennerstrom Fund

“Helping future generations of at-risk youth find new a new path”

Ed Wennerstrom was a member of the Brook Hill family for many years, taking pictures, teaching classes, working on projects around the farm, building special saddles for our Rockin’Riders program, financially supporting the riders, and was Volunteer of the Year.    Everyone who ever met Ed loved his sharp wit, his intelligence, and most importantly,  his truly big heart.  He was an integral part of our team and we cannot imagine the farm without him, but with this scholarship, his legacy of giving will live on in our at-risk youth.

Dawn Ramsey Fund

My mother loved horses all her life. She loved riding, training, grooming, competing, even simply being near them. Any time spent with a horse, in her estimation, was time well spent. She believed in the healing power of horses and in their ability to look straight through to the heart of you. You have no choice but to be honest and unafraid in the their presence and I believe that that was what she liked best. Horses can empower you, calm you, teach you, and comfort you. You can learn humility, responsibility, respect, independence, and compassion from a horse without even realizing it. These are lessons that I have had told to me for as long as I can remember and now it is my turn to spread this message to others. In memory of my mother, Dawn, I would invite you to contribute to the Dawn Ramsey Memorial Scholarship Fund so that other children can learn and grow, as she did, from a love of horses.

Thank you for providing a Scholarship!