Who said a halflinger is a pony?

WHAT??? What did you say – ANNOYED? You bet I’m annoyed. How would you like it if everyone put the word “FAT” in front of your name? I’m not fat – I’m a Halflinger, for crying out loud – do you know what that means – Halflinger – it means I’m a draft horse. I’m supposed to be big – look at me – this is muscle not fat.

My family comes from Austria and my earliest ancestor that I know of was called Folie, who was a son of a half-Arabian stallion and a Tyrolean mountain mare born in the late 19th century. My folks were bred to be sturdy and well-muscled mountain work horses, and it was only after WWII that people became aware that we also excelled as pleasure and sporting companions. I don’t want to brag about our long list of accomplishments, I’m too modest, look me up on the internet.

I came to Brook Hill Farm because I had a problem with lameness, and since I couldn’t jump and compete anymore my person didn’t want me. My new vet at Brook Hill thought I could be rehabilitated, and I thought so too – so I never gave up. It has been a long slow recovery , but I’m so much better now and practically pain free. I’m even kicking up my heels from time to time. I’m going to have a part-time job soon as a therapy horse and I’ll be able to start working with the young people who come to the farm for help.

So, don’t count me out!
Don’t call me a pony – I’m a Halflinger!
Don’t call me FAT!

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  1. Sandta

    Such a cute, touching story. 🤗

    1. BHFAdmin

      Thanks Sandta

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