I have always known even from the early days of my youth that I am a princess. Was I not so called? And was I not kept in comfort, and pampered, and praised, and showered with accolades of beauty and wonder and accomplishments?

Well….. h-e-l-l-o-o-o…Now I know they were talking about my babies, each and every one, who fulfilled the promise of my youth, then went on to live their own lives. Then, there I was in middle age and found myself facing the empty nester dilemma ( you ladies will know what I mean) without skills or means by which to earn a living. I was on very shaky ground there for a while and you might say that my self-esteem took a big hit and I was very scared.

By some means, and I’ve never known how or by whom, Brook Hill Farm offered to take me in and give me a home.  I arrived, grateful but not hopeful, as I believed I had no talent to offer.  I had never been trained to do anything except have babies, never been under saddle and never taught the common, everyday practicalities of working with adults and children.  “Am I hopeless?” I asked.  “Absolutely not” said kind eyes and gentle voices.  “You are a Princess and we will teach you all you need to know”.

So I studied, and I learned, and to my surprise became a highly regarded therapy horse to the physically and mentally challenged children and adults that come to Brook Hill For help.

I was right.  I AM A PRINCESS!

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