Me and my partner

Willi Wonka… Yup, that’s me! Cool name – don’t you think?

My real name is Big Willi Smith and I’m from Argentina where I was a not so successful racehorse. But since I’m good-looking – and nice too – my folks sent me to the states to try my luck in the show jumping world. I put on a brave front, so they didn’t realize how shy, nervous and anxious I had become. Ieven developed a nervous tic that causes me to stick my tongue out when I’m apprehensive and distressed (like who wants to look at that). They, what with onthing and another, I found myself on a disastrous path and eventually no one wanted me anymore. My last employer thought I needed a last chance and sent me to Brook Hill Farm for rehabilitation.

Now I don’t want you to be thinking I’m the hard-luck kid, because I don’t see myself that way. Often life will throw you curve balls – some of them will miss you – but others will hit you straight on. And what I’m learning at Brook Hill is that if you stand tall and look your challenges in the eye, you just might hit a home run. Consider my partner, Carrie, who has had real challenges in her life as well. We are facing our fears and anxieties together and the bond we have formed is making us bother healthier and happier. I love you kiddo!


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