Success Stories from Brook Hill Farm

I have found my forever home, and my Discipline.

Sometimes we just need a best friend to make the day better, and to take us to the next level!

I am loved by my little girls!

Who says I cannot have another career after a suspensory tear?

Happiness is having a horse to love in the United Neigh Program!

Having been a broodmare all my life, now I take care of participants in the Rockin’ Riders program

I have found my calling – I help a legally blind child excel in dressage

Yes, we do ride western as well as English at Brook Hill Farm, and do it well!

Who would believe I have the opportunity to compete at Show Jumping Rally with such a wonderful partner!
"My Perfect Horse"
Merry Christmas!
A Blue Ribbon Pair
Oreo is the best!

"A new job as a babysitter in elegant surroundings - not bad - and to think all I have to do is be a companion - retirement is wonderful!"

"Today was awesome! We weren't even that close to his pasture this afternoon and he started walking and then trotting over to us...almost like a dog coming to greet his owners. He couldn't have been sweeter! "

Happiness is Retirement with 3 grandchildren!

It takes a special horse for a special child! The smile on his face says it all!

Dreams and possibilities in a beautiful Palomino
I love my Teddy Bear!
Ribbons and Ribbons this horse just keeps on winning
A buddy for me to trail ride with!
This pony is her perfect Cup Of Tea!
I have found my best friend!
I could not have just one horse, so I got another from Brook Hill Farm!
Gryff and I at the 2010 4-H State Fair
"Pony Kisses!"
"I finally have my horse at home!"
"Who says you can't ride a moose in the snow!"
"Rhett is looking great and rides like a dream"
(Giggling on Georgie)
"Don't try this at home kids"
"Thank you so much for this perfect match. We searched for about 9 months. This was certainly worth the wait. They have bonded from the start. We are enjoying adding Merlin to our family."
"Who says Dad can't ride!"
"A new happy home with my new buddy"
"I am happily advancing in my field - can you find me in the pictures below where we first started eventing?"
"From Hunters to Eventing - we do it all!"
"Back in the saddle Again!"
"SWVHJA Medal Finals - Yeah!"
"My perfect horse!"
"Beautiful Dressage........."
"There is a perfect horse for everyone"
"The safest horse for my precious daughter!"
"Margaret is riding Blue like he is her own pony. She claims to have galloped for the first time up a hill!"
"I was out of breath I was so excited,"says Lowry,who spotted Flagstaff grazing in the field while there with her daughter Margaret. "I looked at his face, and he looked at me, and I was done"
"Happiness is being able to care, love and ride your daughters show horse when she has gone off to College!"
"Here is the wonderful picture of Darcy that my mom took at the 4-H state fair - I love Mr Darcy"
"Happy horse, Happy owner!"
"Thanks again to Brook Hill Farm personnel for doing a super job with Jazz and the other horses. I am delighted to have Jazz to ride and enjoy. He is willing and able! "
Even my husband likes the big horse! (Yes this is Atlas from the Rehab page) Thanks for giving me such a wonderful opportunity to allow me to get my dressage judges license!
Thanks for giving me such a wonderful brat!
Happiness is a ride in the country.
"Oz and I had a great weekend!! He met the donkeys and lamb up close..I think he likes them :) He helped Ben mow the front lawn while I groomed him. I can't tell you what he means to me...we're best buddies. Thanks so much!!" 
Named for Glenn Cunningham, the crippled olympic silver medalist, she is fully functional and beautiful. She is currently reigning as "princess" at her foster home in Huddleston.
"Ranger is absolutely amazing! I could not have asked for a better horse. We're really started to get along great. Good things come to those who wait, and Ranger is definitely more than good. Thanks again for everything you have done!"
We are never too old to have our horsey dreams come true.
There is nothing better than a special horse for a special girl.
There is a perfect horse for everyone who wishes for one!
Rookie and Maddie
Rookie has a wonderful new job trail riding and taking care of the "little one". The best part is that he was able to bring his girlfriend Maddie with him, so now they can trail ride together!
Luckytobewithus was donated to our farm this spring. We found a wonderful home on a large farm with a college student that is able to do a little bit of everything-from dressage to hunters. They are a happy pair.
Lord Goya was donated to the farm because he was no longer able to compete at the Prix St. George level. He is now a professor, teaching his new owner all about dressage, something she has always wanted to do, but never had the horse to learn on!
Owen, age 5, was donated to us because of a small fracture of the sesamoid bone. After completing our program, he continued his training and won 1st place in the Beginner Novice Division at the Virginia Horse Trials!
This horse has been adopted by a pony club family. The rider has used this horse to rate up to the D-3 Level. He has made the perfect all around horse to keep his rider safe as she continues to advance in her riding skills.
Sound was donated to us in 2006. She was adopted by a young rider and went on to compete over 3' fences, winning many blue ribbons, and allowed her rider to qualify in our regional 3' equitation finals. She and her rider successfully completed a United States Pony Club C-3 rating.
Blue and his rider finished 7th at the Starter Trials in November, earned their C-2, and finished 8th at Deep Run in Novice with a 38 in dressage. They have gone on to their first upper level prep and learned that they can hold their own with more experienced riders. What a wonderful pair!
"At the end of the rainbow may just be a euphemism for the horses we already have. Once again, thank you for giving him to us because as the picture shows, he is really divine." One of our horses who has found a wonderful home.
Mud, a wonderful horse diagnosed with Cushing's Disease, is once again competing. This wonderful mare and her new owner were Champion of the Short Stirrup division at a local college.
Gambit came to our farm suffering from arthritis brought on by Maine's cold winters. Virginia's warmer weather, combined with glucosamine, have helped him and his new rider win many equitation ribbons.
This wonderful pair have been working together for the past three years, and have made their debut this spring in the Jumper arena. This past weekend they showed at the Lexington Horse Center and had 3 clean rounds.
Greyling and his new owner are spending their weekends jumping together. They have been competing with some pretty stiff competition and have won many ribbons!
Dean makes everyone laugh - He and his rider are at the Halloween party and she got her apple first! Dean and his rider are a wonderful match!
Lucky Patriot I am so excited to finally have a forever horse! I have outgrown my last two horses, as I am very tall for my age. I know that I can never outgrow Lucky - he is over 17 hands! And best of all, he is teaching me how to jump
Topper, age 15, came to us with a shoulder injury. After six months of rehabilitation he went on to successfully compete in the dressage arena and later went on to compete in combined training events.
Tazz was brought to the facility with a fracture in his lower back. He went through our rehab program and has since been the reserve champion in the VA State 4-H Pleasure Division. He is currently teaching his new rider how to jump.
"Iggy was AWESOME on the cross country course....She's such a doll with a great personality. She is such a talented mare and I am grateful with every ride (so, for the hundredth time, thanks!!!!)." Quote from Iggy's new rider