Brook Hill Farm is a fully accredited sanctuary through the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries for all of our horses, and the Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance to support the ongoing care of retired thoroughbreds that are a part of our herd. Brook Hill guarantees all of our horses a lifetime of care.  Many neglected and injured horses never fully recover. Brook Hill Farm is a place for horses to enjoy their retirement. Horses are domesticated creatures that thrive when given a purpose. Here at Brook Hill Farm the horses are tended to on a daily basis, being fed, groomed, and loved. These horses remain on the property in sanctuary and are cared for by the staff and volunteers for the remainder of their life.

Recognizing that horses thrive when given a purpose, we developed an innovative companion program that allows local horse owners to borrow our retirees for a limited time span. These horses act as a friend for a horse that lives alone or stays with a foal as it is weaned. We are proud to report that many of these temporary placements have led to permanent placements. This allows us to be able to provide retirement for additional difficult to place horses.

Many other retired horses become part of our Equine Assisted Learning Programs – helping our youth and adults find healing through the bond of horses.

In 2015, out of need, we created our blind horse pasture. These horses are leading productive lives and loved by us all.

Brook Hill Farm guarantees all of our horses a safe haven throughout their life, whether in a forever home or here at the farm in sanctuary. We take pride in the fact that we do rescue right, and provide for horses in our organization for their entire life!