'Back in the Saddle'

Senior's Horse Program at Brook Hill Farm

The horse's ability to interact honestly with humans and other horses, plus the animal's ability to mirror the nuances of human body language make the horse the perfect animal to allow seniors to socialize, improve confidence, and meet the physical tests of growing older as well as share their horse experiences with the rest of us!

      And best of all, you are working with Rescue horses and giving back to the horses you love!

      Program Information:

      • Open to all ages, experience levels
      • Program to include:
        1. Coffee/Tea and discussion about horses
        2. Sharing stories of your equestrian experiences in days gone by
        3. Learning things about horses you never knew
        4. Grooming, Leading, Groundwork
        5. Riding if appropriate, working with a ertified therapeutic riding instructor
        6. Mounting ramp, leaders and sidewalkers are available to help if needed
        7. Our horses are safe and well-trained for therapeutic riding, so they are perfect for Seniors!

Please contact secretary@brookhillfarm.org to get more information on this new program