We are looking for a lifetime commitment for our rescue horses!

A new horse arrives at Brook Hill Farm when one that is here is placed into a home. We make a commitment to every single horse that enters our program, that he or she will receive the love and care they deserve for the rest of their lives.  Most of the horses donated to the farm begin their stay in our rehab program. Upon their arrival they are evaluated by staff and professionals that work together to create a rehabilitation plan for each horse based on their individual needs. Once they recover, we decide the best job for them, and place them in lifetime homes based on the applications we have received.

We have NO Adoption Fees for our horses.

This young lady found her best friend!

To begin the placement process, fill out an application form and send to us via email or mail it to the farm. We always have a number of horses available for adiption and take great pains to find the right horse for you.

These two found a partnership

We require references, as well as some personal information on the applicant. Once the application form has been received, a Brook Hill Farm representative will be in touch. Upon approval of the adoption application, we will look for a horse that best suits your needs based on the information you have provided. Please be patient, we have found over 430 horses forever homes!

While these 2 enjoy visiting Connor at Grandma's!

Please feel free to contact the secretary@brookhillfarm.org so we can place an appropriate horse with you that will meet your needs. Please take a moment to look over our placement agreement, fill out the application, and let's get started!